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"Adrian Havek"

Adrian Havek - Image # 1 of 91 in the Full Color Artwork Gallery - Added to Gallery on 8/1/2013 (Click to Enlarge) Navigate to Next Image
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View this image or request a print on DeviantArt.comImage Title: Adrian Havek

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Date Added to Gallery: 8/1/2013

Artist's Description: He stood, tall and stern keeping watch at the edge of the citadel, a silent guardian. "What do you think Claw, trolls tonight?", he murmured absently towards his hawk companion. "I smell smoke to the west. Fincker's farm is that way but its too early to burn leafs and fields this time of year". The hawk let out a short squawk and stretched his wings moving from side to side, from one leg to the other. "Yeah, I thought so" murmured the man. He rose his hand to the brass lens and adjusted the circle. Runes flashed shortly around the ring and the horizon jumped towards him making him shudder a bit. "I'll never get used to this damned contraption" he murmured. There were fires to the west all right and not the good ones wither. Long trails of black smoke billowed over the ridge of the hill, some leagues to the sunset. "Definitely trolls. Claw, go take a look!". The Hawk squawked again and burst into the air in a vortex of wings and feathers. He went forward and then straight up and disappeared into the sky. The man sighed. "I should go alert the city watch. Those damned trolls are nasty brutes, I wouldn't want to be in the skin of those poor farmers". He dragged his heavy flail of the grown and slowly started toward the pyre at peak of the cliff.

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Title: Uthavel Calanor

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Gallery: Full Color Artwork

Date Added: 8/1/2013

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