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"Hannibal the Eleven Avenger - undead version"

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View this image or request a print on DeviantArt.comImage Title: Hannibal the Eleven Avenger - undead version

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Date Added to Gallery: 8/1/2013

Artist's Description: Some of you might remember this character. Its not a repost, this is the "un-deadified" version of the same character. And now the short story: Darkness.... Blessed, silent, peaceful darkness... To float, just a confuse conscience in a mass of nothingness... Then the spark of pain shooting through that darkness like a bright, torturous light, solidifying it into cold flesh and stiff muscles. He heard himself screaming, his body revolting against this new life, him mind loosing any cohesion of thought under the assault of all the sensations of the flesh and reality. Pain replaced what life was once, pain within, pain everywhere! Then the cruel light subsided in shapes and sounds coming from around him. A dark room. His back against a cold, hard stone slab. - He has awaken master! hissed a voice somewhere close. He knew that voice. It seemed so long since he knew that voice. - Arise child! came the cold, demanding voice and his body bolted up straight, unable to resist it. His thoughts felt like twisting inside his head. Memories of the last days flooded him like a river of despair and rage. - I cannot be living! he whispered terrified through parched lips. Something was rolling down his face. Tears? He swiped the back of his hand against the cheek and came down smeared with blood. - But you are not alive, elf. Not anymore. Here, you are amongst your own, came the cold voice again, answering. Hannibal looked around. The crypt was vast, walls filled with the bones of old deaths, floor overflowing with new, putrid remains. And yet, from all of that, a sweet scent beckoned, alluring, inviting, tugging at the thirst in his throat. The woman stepped from the shadows, undulating with almost cat like movement. He knew her... Elenuial! She was changed, her face paler, her big eyes glowing in the dark like those of a prowling animal. She was so amazingly beautiful! She smiled at him and sharp long teeth unveiled behind those ruby lips he once wanted to kiss. - Come my friend, you are safe here. You must not be afraid. This is our new life now. He took her hand, now so cold and yet somehow comforting. Her delicate fingers closed over his and tugged him toward the wall of darkness from where indistinguishable whispers flowed. The sound of chains rang in his ears and the sweet, alluring scent came again. He saw the bright shape of the naked woman chained to the wall, writhing, gagged, the warmth of her body radiating and calling, a song of thirst and terror that sipped into his cold flesh so pleasantly. - Go my friend, drink from this cup of life! came Elenuial's urge. And he felt so right to do what she asked, so right... That woman was in such pain! He couldn't let her suffer like that. He stepped forward, a kind smile unveiling his sharp teeth while tears of blood kept streaming on his cheeks.

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