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View this image or request a print on DeviantArt.comImage Title: Ocyries

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Date Added to Gallery: 8/1/2013

Artist's Description: Nobody was sure about the statue. Some say it has appeared over night, others even say it was the petrified body of the High Councilor since its appearance coincided with the mysterious disappearance of their Hero. Certainty is that, in a world where metal was a legend, where magic was dwindling like the flame of a weak candle under the merciless breath of the wind, he built a reputation that few will ever eclipse. He wielded the power of the sun like a god, faced creatures of fear and terror and brought Tyr back to it's former glory. The statue is surely weird, looking almost alive, with its colors untarnished by the winds, or the rain. And close to the summer solstice, always, always, the raised hand, the Hand That Burned, shines like the sun, like a beacon who calls to the ones scattered a long time ago, before the cataclysm, to return home. And who knows, maybe its where the hero went: to bring back those legendary people who so long ago stood shield against the wildness of the Dark Horde then retired in disgust to what people did to themselves. Some whisper one day he will return, maybe not alone. So say he's for certain dead. But for sure, all of them still hold a sliver of hope, a little sparkle in their hearts. And that spark might be their own salvation.

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Title: Silas Addison

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Gallery: Full Color Artwork

Date Added: 8/1/2013

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