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"Omar Salladin"

Navigate to Previous Image Omar Salladin - Image # 53 of 91 in the Full Color Artwork Gallery - Added to Gallery on 8/1/2013 (Click to Enlarge) Navigate to Next Image
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View this image or request a print on DeviantArt.comImage Title: Omar Salladin

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Date Added to Gallery: 8/1/2013

Artist's Description: The sun was closing like a wounded eye over the dunes. Wind was biting softly into the sandy back of the desert, twisting small strands of fine dust into the still hot air. Omar knew it was not wise to leave the oasis before night, but he had to move. His cat companion was growing restless, feeling the band of pursuers maybe miles behind them. Both Omar and his unusual ride barely had time for a quick rest in the shade, a few mouth fulls of water and a bit of time to replenish the rations for the rest of the trip. The shadows stretched longer, colder over the darkening sand as the two, man and creature ventured into the darkening desert, the man hoping their tracks will be blown away by the wind. He hoped into the strange saddle on the back of the tiger and the feline growl softly. It turned its huge head baring its fang, not menacingly, but rather asking "where now?". Omar patted softly the side of his companion and the tiger started, first slowly, then stretching his muscled, agile body, in great leaps through the dunes. Behind, the sun drowned in the sands, painting blood in the sky.

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Gallery: Full Color Artwork

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