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"Tudor Samson"

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View this image or request a print on DeviantArt.comImage Title: Tudor Samson

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Date Added to Gallery: 8/1/2013

Artist's Description: "The wind swung the multitude of snowflakes around, like millions of tiny razors, melting on his face. The ship creaked under a new assault of the waves, mourning deep with its wooden voice, dangerously leaning to its side while the freezing water of the sea swept over the deck, pooling under his feet. Tudor took a deep breath and steadied himself, grasping the staff and reaching deep within for the Call. His first uttered words got lost in the howl of the wind and the moan of the beaten boat, whispers compared with the voice of the wild winds. But soon his voice grew, a sound resonating eerily in the snowstorm, a deep buzz vibrating in the cold air with strange, arcane power. The pooling water on the deck started moving around, shifting against the natural movement of the ship, making small streams around the man, gathering before him and twisting itself, like winding wire, into the air, higher and higher. It started shaping itself into something like a serpent made of water, yet becoming alive, hissing furiously at first, like trying to oppose the command of the wizard, swinging wildly from side to side and mawing at the air with a fresh, amphibian head. From the whirling water, eyes, beaming with energy opened and the elemental, freshly pulled out of its plane, steadied and tilted its head listening the command..." Sorry, couldn't help myself. I used to do this a lot, add a story to my images. :D Tudor is a d&d character, a former farmer turned wizard. I don't know anything about his situation here really but I just came with what I imagined was happening. :D

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