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AvatarArt.com Gift Certificates

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the role-playing game enthusiast? Look no further! AvatarArt.com Gift Certificates allow you to give a completely custom character portrait as a gift. The recipient will redeem their gift certificate with us, and work directly with our artist to bring their imagination to life. Our gift certificates are available in $25, $50, $75, and $150 amounts. These amounts reflect each of the available art levels available for commission. However, you can also contact us directly to have a gift certificate for a custom amount created.

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Purchase the $25 AvatarArt.com Gift Certificate.Purchase the $50 AvatarArt.com Gift Certificate. Purchase the $75 AvatarArt.com Gift Certificate.Purchase the $150 AvatarArt.com Gift Certificate.

Or contact us if you would like a gift certificate valued for a custom amount.

Frequently Asked Questions about AvatarArt.com Gift Certificates –

Question: Can a gift certificate be used to purchase multiple commissions?
Answer: Yes! Our gift certificates are valued for a dollar amount. For instance, a $75 gift certificate could be redeemed for any one of the following combinations:

      * One $75 Master Artwork
      * One $50 Expert Artwork and one $25 Basic Artwork
      * Three $25 Basic Artworks

Question: Can a gift certificate be used as partial payment?
Answer: Yes! If the artwork you want cost more than the gift certificate you are redeeming is valued for, you can pay the remaining balance for a more expensive artwork. For instance, a $75 Master Artwork could be purchased by using a $50 gift certificate + $25 payment.

Question: Can I use a portion of a gift certificate now, and save the rest for later?
Answer: Yes! We want you to get the full value out of your gift certificate. If your commission purchase doesn’t use the full amount the certificate is valued for, we will maintain the balance for you to be used for purchase or partial payment towards a future commissioned artwork. Please note that the balance on all gift certificates will expire 24-months after certificate purchase.

Get Your Own Custom Artwork --
Ever want the rest of the world to see your gaming character the same way that you see them? Well, now you can! AvatarArt.com offers custom character portraits starting at only $25. Commission our artist for portraits, illustration for works of fiction, business logos, and game design. In just about any genre you can imagaine.

GetYour Own Custom Artwork. Click here to find out more...

At AvatarArt.com we draw your imagination!

Random Gallery Image --

Title: Gruilda

Artist: Mates Laurentiu

Gallery: Black & White Artwork

Date Added: 8/1/2013

This random imgae is from the AvatarArt.com galleries where you can find dozens of other great examples of actual client work done on commission by our artist. Our galleries are updated frequently with the newest character portraits, so check back often to see more great artwork.

What Others Are Saying about AvatarArt.com --
Whant to know what others think of the AvatarArt.com service? Here are some comments left by our current customers:


       -- Phil Karecki
          (Parsippany, New Jersey)

Get Your Own Custom Artwork --
Dweorg speed painting
Post Date: 11/4/2018

Underground Dwarf speed painting video
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Late update and speed painting videos
Post Date: 3/20/2018

Shamefully late update from a careless artist.
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Snow white kickstarter FTW!!!
Post Date: 7/28/2014

Okay, I'm way late but there are still 11 days until the kickstarter is complete but this awesome project has to get a word here too.
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