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Hello & welcome! AvatarArt.com is a creative collaboration of artisans, writers, & programmers. We’re all experienced professionals who can bring your imagination to life through custom-built visuals & verbiage.

Our dedicated team is available to compose character portraits, illustration for works of fiction, business logos, & game design. And do this in any genre.

Bottom-line, if you can imagine something, we will then devise a way to produce it for you. Browse through our online galleries, read unsolicited testimonials, & share your ideas with us.

Ever want the rest of the world to see your gaming character the same way that you see them? Have a poem, story, or even entire novel that would be really complete with great illustrations? Feeling a desire to design & then market your very own board, card, RPG or computer game? Want to give a Fantasy or Sci-Fi fan a unique & personal gift? Now you can!

Quick Gallery Slideshow — Check out some of our work by watching the slide show below, or get an even better look at our commissioned art in our gallery section of the website.

What others are saying

Want to know what others think of the AvatarArt.com service? Here are some comments left by our current customers:


"You guys continue to astound. Please pass on my regards to the artist.
He's done an absolutely wonderful job."

- Zachary S Schaefer (Tucson, Arizona)


"I love the results! You guys did an amazing job with my character."

- Tim James (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)


Oh My Goodness!!! I love it! Seriously, wow.

- Jackie Neally (Phonixville, Pennsylvania)


Right off the bat I'd like to say that this is bad ass. It is exactly how I imagined it.

- Zach Manning (El Doradi Hills, California)


She is perfect! Thank you for all the work put into this project! I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future.

- Sharon Gieseke (San Antonio, Texas)


Love it. Ship it. You guys are the best.

- Graham Smallwood (Santa Ana, California)


That is gorgeous. 🙂

- Chad Rhoads (Seattle, Washington)


It looks fantastic!

- James Boyle (Wethersfield, Connecticut)



- Savan Gupta (Stamford, Connecticut)


It looks amazing!

- Peter Hoang (Santa Ana, California)


We love this portrait! It came out perfectly!

- Arthur J. Buttewick (Bensalem, Pennsylvania)


Absolutely Fantastic!

- Scott Hayward (Cambuslang, United Kingdom)


Good God that's awesome!

- Rob Latimer


Wow. He looks great! Thanks guys.

- Rejean Beaurivage (Edmonton, Canada)


We couldn't be more thrilled with this piece of art. Thank you so much for helping our creations come to life so beautifully!

- Valorie Paul (Atlanta, Georgia)


Remarkably close to what I've pictured in my head!

- Rob Latimer


Fantastic! I love it! Another great piece of art.

- Jeremy Hatzell (Fairfield, California)


That was the best birthday present ever!

- Dina Ramse (Oslo)


Thank you! This is fantastic! Please pass on my thanks and complements to the artist.

- Jack Baker (Fairfax, Virgina)


Dev Note: Still working on transferring all the reviews from the old site to this new site. More on the way...

- Justin (AvatarArt.com Webmaster)

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Custom Illustration & Character Portraits

Above Video: high-speed demonstration of a character portrait commission being painted by our lead staff artist, Mates Laurentiu. Click here if you would like to see more amazing “speed-painting” videos from AvatarArt.com!

Custom black & white sketches & lineart available!

In addition to beautifully full color, highly-detailed custom works of art, we also offer budget-friendly sketches! From basic sketch to expert shading, we can bring your characters to life in grayscale as well as color! Here are a few examples of customer commissioned sketches we have created…