Art Galleries & Examples of Our Work

Here are several galleries featuring the artwork of Avatar Art as created by our lead artist, Mates Laurentiu. We have created amazingly creative pieces for hundreds of gamers, authors, and game publishers. When you’re ready to get your own custom character portrait commission, let us know! We’re here to bring your imagination to life!

This page includes several game character portraits commissioned by Avatar Art customers.

This gallery features art created by Avatar Art for tabletop role-playing game publishers. These examples are all from published games.

This gallery features examples of book cover artwork created by Avatar Art for authors and game publishers.

This gallery features several examples of character, monster, and artifact created by Avatar Art for our clients which includes gamers, authors, and publishers.

This image gallery features black & white and grayscale created by Avatar Art for various customers and publishers.

This gallery features various art tutorial images and experimental pieces created by Avatar Art artist, Mates Laruentiu.